About Me

About Me

Welcome to my virtual atelier, where every stitch is a step in my creative journey.

I am a Fashion Designer based in Cork, Ireland.

My journey began with thread, needles, and a boundless curiosity. Thanks to my family, crafting isn’t just a skill – it's a legacy. From my grandmother's vintage buttons to my mom's precise stitches, every piece I create is a nod to the traditions that shaped me.

Let's talk about the main event – my specialty. I'm all about embroidery, beads, and crystals. It's like taking everyday accessories and turning them into wearable masterpieces. Imagine your favorite accessory, but add a touch of elegance that turns heads and sparks conversations. That's what I do.

Thank you for stepping into my world of embroidery, beads, and crystals.

Let’s make your fashion statement unforgettable! 🌟✨