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Eliee Garcia

Creativity & Fashion Summer Camp 2024

Creativity & Fashion Summer Camp 2024

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Creativity & Fashion Summer Camp 2024

Discover a world of creativity and adventure this summer at our engaging Creative  Summer Camp!

Our camp is designed to inspire young minds, encourage self-expression,

foster a love for creativity

through a variety of engaging workshops in a supportive and inspiring environment.



Week 1: Mon. 8th to Fri. 12th

Week 2: Mon. 5th to Fri.19th 


Week 1: 5th 2024 to August 9th 2024

Week 2: 12th 2024 to August 16th 2024

Week 1 and week 2 are the same for both July and August, so feel free to mix and match between the two months.

TIME: 10am to 1pm

Ages: 8 to 12 years old

Location: The Colour Box, Marina Commercial Park. Centre Park Road. Cork. T18 Y8N2


Week 1:

Day 1: Introduction to Fashion

  •    Icebreaker games and getting to know each other.
  •              Introduction to fashion design: discussing different types of fashion, styles, and designers.
  •   Designing mood boards: Children will cut out pictures from magazines or print out images from the internet to create mood boards that reflect their personal style.

Day 2: Basics of Sewing

  •             Introduction to sewing equipment and safety measures.
  •             Learning basic hand-sewing stitches: running stitch, backstitch, and whipstitch.
  •           Practice sewing buttons onto fabric squares.

 Day 3: Fabric Exploration

  •              Learn about different types of fabrics and their uses.
  •             Fabric painting activity: Children can experiment with fabric paints to create unique designs on small fabric squares.

Day 4: Fashion Illustration

  •            Introduction to fashion illustration: discussing proportions, poses, and clothing details. 
  •       Guided drawing session: Children will practice sketching fashion figures and adding clothing designs.

Day 5: Upcycling Workshop

  •            Introduction to upcycling: repurposing old clothes or fabrics to create something new.
  •            Upcycling project: Children can bring in old clothes or use provided materials to upcycle them into something new.

Week 2:

Day 1: Accessory Design

  •  Introduction to accessory design: discussing different types of accessories such as jewellery, bags, and hats.
  •  DIY accessory workshop: Children will create their own accessories using beads, fabric scraps, and other materials.

Day 2: Body Positivity and Self-Expression

  • Workshop on body positivity and self-expression through fashion.
  •  Designing personalised t-shirts or tote bags with positive messages. 

Day 3: Design Your Dream Outfit

  •             Children sketch and design their ideal outfit, considering colours, patterns, and fabric.
  •             Team Games. 

Day 4: Fashion DIY Day

  •             DIY fashion projects: customising clothing, decorating hats, etc.

Day 5: Fashion Entrepreneurship

  •               Introduction to the business side of fashion.
  •              The children will showcase their projects and ideas.


The This program will foster creativity, teamwork and self-expression while ensuring the activities are appropriate and engaging for all participants.

      Refreshments and Snacks are included.

      Fully Insured facility.

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